Graintex 10-Pocket Leather Nail & Tool Pouch

Graintex 10-Pocket Leather Nail & Tool Pouch

While we’re waiting…

Don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway. Go to THAT thread to enter. Don’t do it here.

You know they’ll enter here.

I know. Sigh.


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This Woot off is boring.
It’s not even the worst

What makes it boring?

Nothing has crashed.
The items are ok.
We’re not stuck on vinegar.
I only peed my pants a little.
There’s not even a good argument going on about anything.

LOL. Well, I guess you could start an argument. Sorry you peed your britches though.

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I thought you guys had adult diapers around here somewhere…

cc: @pepper114

Screen capturing permissions to start a riot.
Sweet! Thanks TT. You’re the best!

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@ pepper114
Yeah, I know. Even though Comcast & T-Mobile are at their normal daytime snail crawl once again making it hard to receive notices of the “next item” before it becomes the “previous item that you missed” there really haven’t been any deals to cry about missing.
And I’ve learned to never click on a BOC during a woot-off because you just sit in that dang waiting room - for the rest of the day unless you quit and go back…

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Let’s start with a peaceful protest.

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What? What’s wrong with peeing your pants? It’s not like they’re even my pants.

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I have a magic pill for that. It works wonders.

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Hmm, you do bring up a fair point, but…

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I’ve got sprint. Sooo 3g. Yeah. I hate them.

I didn’t sign up for the push notifications. I hate them nearly as much as I hate sprint.

But yeah. I’ve not really seen anything that I’ve wanted, but its not been awful junk either.

It’s just a bummer you need the app. For me the vop doesn’t refresh on android. So the only time I can get one on my phone is with the Saturday game. On the laptop it’s at least a minute before they show up and you know they’re already gone.

I wish I understood that.

I’ve heard of that. Good to know it works.

I was wondering what all the chatter was under this topic.

just typical woot :wink:


lol, its from the movie Billy Madison with Adam Sandler (1995).

its pretty funny and a classic Adam Sandler movie. But the context is that, Adam Sandler is the son of a wealthy business owner who is looking to give away the business to his son or some other corporate hot shot.

Billy (Sandler) decides that he will re-educate himself K-12 to win the company.

At some point, i think when he re does the third grade, they go on a field trip and a kid pees his pants. Billy feels bad when the other kids make fun of him so he pretends to pee his pants and convince all the kids that peeing your pants is cool. The old lady in the GIF works at the place they took a field trip to and after hearing what Billy says, she replies that. To which Billy replies, “Thats the grossest thing i’ve ever heard”

hope that helps lol

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