Grammar police

Great look of surprise!!!

I’ve never seen this presented so nicely. It’s great!

Who knew punctuation could be so witty?

I Really want one. But I need my shirts in Tall size. Extra Large Tall. Wish they carried them. Honestly I rather be short and fit in the back seat of a car vs getting things off the top shelf for people all the time.

Why is this called “Grammar police”? There is no grammar involved. It’s all punctuation.

Another great tee to add to my royal blue shirt collection xD

I love it. Congratz, walmazan!

Now I just need to get a locksmith to open my car so I can get my wallet…and my car keys.

It’s Sunday. It might be cheaper to use a brick on the window. Just make really sure it’s your car this time. I’m not bailing you out again.

Good cop**,** bad cop**.**

…I don’t get it

Came here to say this. Don’t think I’d wear a Punctuation Police shirt.

Shouldn’t the third figure be a comma? Looks more like an apostrophe to me.

“Anyway, I saw his post on FaceTube and it was full of spelling and grammar errors. I figured it was better to break off the engagement.”

Shouldn’t this be the proper punctuation/grammar to use?

“Anyway, I saw his post on FaceTube, and it was full of spelling and grammar errors. So I figured it was better to break off the engagement."

I had to correct myself. That is not a good start to the morning.

I just renewed my AAA membership so hopefully most if not all of it will be covered.

So I’m hopeful you won’t mind some policing while we’re on topic …


I’m thinking it may be something to do with not overusing the exclamation mark?

One man’s ceiling is another one’s floor …