Grand Cathedral Angel Statue

Grand Cathedral Angel Statue
Price: $499.99
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Condition: New


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8/26/2014 - $507.99 (Woot Plus)
6/12/2014 - $507.99 (Woot Plus)

Don’t Blink!!



Blink and you’re dead.

EDIT: Damn it. I am an English teacher. I should NOT be making grammar mistakes.

Given that Halloween is coming up, if this were the weeping angel from Dr. Who … I still wouldn’t buy one at $499. Get it to $4.99 and I’ll take a half dozen.

I’m gonna buy a half-dozen of these and hide them around the yard/house of a Who-obsessed friend of mine. Yeah, it’ll be expensive, but good practical jokes sometimes require an investment.

College students,put one of these at the foot of the bed of a dorm mate after he spent the night partying so it’s the first thing he sees when his eyes open in the morning.

You stole my line :wink:
That was the first thing I thought too

I’m just going to leave this here.

Dumbest woot ever. It’s right up there with the ice-less cooler. Whichever buyer for the company is coming up with these seriously needs some job training.

I’m surprised that sales look to be brisk on this item. I would have thought it’d be a WootOff killer.


Limit 3

“The angels have the phone box.” I got that on a T-shirt.

Okay, so I’m a little late to the party. :stuck_out_tongue: