Grandma's Feather Crap  (9jd83ndss)

thought for sure the next BoC name was going to be “Thank God I’m a Crappy Boy”

92% here and sold out

cause nope, that’s why.

arrrgh! rookie mistake! I forgot to make sure that I was signed in. sigh

Got right into the VOP and then it was yanked again after a long wait. 3 strikes today. Something tells me I’m out for this Woot-Off. :frowning:

I did it! 4th time I tried today and I finally got one.

Damn my need to eat and do other things! I am not buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner for the second time today, Woot!, and no, you cannot make me!

Edit: sorry, *refurbished, expensive Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Woot!: Order confirmed, 1 BOC


Woot!: Order canceled, not enough stock

me: …?..


DENIED: We ran out of Bet on Colds before we even took your money so we denied your order to end the process.

CANCELLED: We ran out of of Bet on Colds right further down the process and we had to cancel the order to reverse gears.

geezus do you have to live on the same street as woot to get this stuff? I have 90mg down cable internet and still cant get one of these

Because this is what they do. Why are rainbows pretty? Those bags solely exist to sell other items. They won’t even let you say Boxes of Crud unless you outsmart them. And the machines are always learning…

It’s craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!

Remember to post what you get! There’s a main thread over on Woot. I’ll put a link in this thread in a day or two.

I want to see what you get!

Was signed in, clicked very fast, but got stuck on VoP then it was “yanked” from my cart. In 2005 when I first signed up (after lurking for several months), it was not quite as difficult to get a BOC. It wasn’t easy, but it is certainly more difficult now. Maybe next time. :slight_smile:

You’re fighting the crowd. It’s mostly luck.

ARRRGHH! VoP again. I dont know when you all had the final lineup of names, but did you see my post with the link to John Denver singing Grandma’s Feather Bed with the Muppets? I was destined for this crap.

At least my disappointment is immediate. :frowning:

March, here I come…

Mom says I should crap every other day at least.

Contact the Better Bidness Bureau. This website that sells crap, round the clock, has never, not once ever, run out of crap to sell.

That really isn’t the “crowd” - those are barracudas, who come around only when there is blood in the water. They just arrive on sent, and leave just as quickly - those are Walmart customers on Thanksgiving night. Good luck with that, but that’s where you are now.

Got my Bag-O, can now go to bed!! Got it from the Vestibule, never give up.

Nabbed one. Pretty sure it was 34 days since my last Bag of Crap, according to Woot Math. Cut that one pretty close…