Grandmaster Grandmax

Grandmax is just a step away from Grandma. Which item here would be easiest for your Grandma to set up?

I have the non-lit version of the tweakers. My only problem is that you cannot charge the speakers and use them at the same time (the power cable is also the charging cable). Can anyone confirm if these have the same design?

I have recently been looking for a portable keyboard similar to the “Grandmax KB-BT1L-BK Portable Wireless Mini Keyboard with Bluetooth Technology”, I have been looking at reviews online, and I have found that when I get one I will go with the "FAVI Entertainment Wireless Keyboard (Built-in TouchPad/Laser Pointer)". It has some of the best and most reviews out there for a portable wireless keyboard. I believe the model for that one is FE01-BL.

A couple people on Amazon said they were able to play and charge at the same time.

It seems like every friggin’ thing is made for i-things. Anyone know if these are compatible with a Zune player?

Yeap, looks like all the audio devices use standard 3.5mm jacks so any thing with a standard headphone jack will do

I have personally used this as well as the Favi wireless keyboard. The laser pointer was handy for playing with my cat, but both are an annoyingly small keyboards. The touchpad surface area on the Favi was insufficient as well.

They only allow for thumb typing rather than full-finger fast typing.

I went with this instead:

About 3/4 the size of a full keyboard, which allows for full hand typing, very light and with a sufficient touchpad area.

how good of you to answer in such a friendly way.

The wireless grandmax speaker is pretty cool. It’s quite compact. Using it is easy too as long as you’re not anti-technology and can read a simple manual. For $30, its a fair price, my only complaint is the volume is somewhat tame (with the speaker being so small it does make sense).

Bought the tweakers, probably the worst buy, looks and feels solid, but the audio input on the speaker its self is broken, so either no sound or really distorted, would not buy if i had to do it again.