Grandmax to the max? Grand!

Some of these speakers look great for someone without a lot of space, someone like… me, perhaps.

Anyone have a good first-hand review for these speakers? (Or hey, even a bad review?)

Owned a pair I bought over a year ago. Compact size was awsome. For the size that they are the sound was ok. Biggest problem was after a few months of use battery would die after 20 minutes or so. Charging took almost two hours. I gave them away.

These little mini-muffin sized speakers are popping up everywhere in a variety if brand names and prices. I bought a $10 pair and they were not impressive,and the LED used poser that could better have been used to run the sound longer.

As far as mini bluetooth keyboards, my hard experience taught me that if you have a BT keyboard for your tablet, for instance, you will want a mouse, otherwise you have to keep touching the screen to select stuff. For me that turned out to be a pain.
OR, you want a BT mini keyboard that has a built in mouse. I don’t like the mini BT keyboards with mouse pads built-in, they are usually set such that your fingers can easily brush them when you type on the mini BT keyboard.

But, I did find one brand of mini BT keyboard that has a mouse “knob” that is servicable. The brand is Kaiser-Baas. The mouse pointer doesnt move around that fast, but I don’t need it too.

As always, YMMV.

Re: Grandmax SPKR-R2LC1 Tweakers Lites Portable Speaker System with Charger

I bought a similar item elsewhere, two Scosche’s boomCANs, and they’re decent for the size and easily portable. However, the brand/model I got both only give 2-2.5hours of battery life at most and it was advertised at “up to 7hours”. I don’t see any mention of how long the battery life is for these guys but I suggest being cautious in your expectations.

I could not find one review for the Grandmax SPKR-AE-5000-BK Tweakers 2.1 Channel Portable Speaker…

video review/instructions for the:
Grandmax SPKR-R2LC1 Tweakers Lites Portable Speaker System with Charger


I have the Grandmax SPKR-M3BT Tweakers Microbeat and it sounds great, especially for the size! I actually prefer it to my altec lansing portable set… not only because it is about 1/6 of the size and vastly more “portable”, but I think that it sounds better! I am considering a 2nd purchase to link them together.

Will this BT mini keyboard work with my Logitech Revue box?

Don’t buy the klipper. I did and it just came and it sounds absolutely terrible. Plus, if you move the line in plug at all it distorts the sound completely. Probably returning it.

I do not see any mention of the Mini-Tweaker (palm sized) one producing stereo sound. And what if you chained two together? Is it going to just be louder mono-channel sound?