Granite Gear Backpacks

This sale was also on 2 weeks ago. I bought the Saunders bag and here’s my review:

I love checking out backpacks and collecting them. I am happy to see this line of campus backpacks from Granite Gear. There are many backpacks in this line but its website only had flashy videos that do not show each bag’s features. So, it was difficult for me to decide on which bag to order. I chose the Saunders since I wanted one with more pockets. You should definite check out other bags in this line to find the one that best meet your needs.

The material is nylon/polyester. It is supposed waterproof but I have not tested it yet. It feels durable and the material did not feel plasticky. There is a rubber/tarp material at the bottom to keep the bag dry when placed on a wet surface.


  • The top front pocket has a fleece lining so it would be a good spot to put your smartphone and other electronics. I was slightly disappointed that the fleece felt somewhat threadbare but it is still acceptable. The pocket is about 1/2 the height of the bag so you would not be able to fit a tablet in this pocket.
  • The bottom front pocket contains several organization pockets for pens, pencils, erasers as well as a clip for your keys.
  • The middle section is can hold about 2-3 1" binders.
  • The last and the largest section has a padded pocket for a 15.5" laptop. It was a nice & snug fit for my 15.5" HP laptop. You can also fit a few text books in this section.
  • The two stretchy side-pockets fit 1 L Nalgene bottles and look durable. You can even use the lashing straps to tie down a taller bottle or umbrella that may otherwise flap around.

The zippers are heavy duty and of good quality. They are the invisible type with fabric covering the coils. Unexpectedly, the zipper for the computer section is just a regular zipper but it is covered by a fabric flap like traditional backpacks. The zipper for the top front pocket has the word “Barrier” imprinted on it and is supposed to be more waterproof, presumably to protect your electronic devices.

The straps and the back panel are padded and should be adequate for daily commuting/campus use.

This backpack is very rectangular with more angular corners than other backpacks so it will stand out next to a similarly sized bag. There are 2 lashing straps to prevent your contents from shifting while in transit. The overall bag is well made with strong threads and even has decorative stitch details.

I highly recommend this quality product at a great price. Its size is good for kids in middle school and older. It is also a great bag for commuting.