Granite Gear C-1 Messanger Bag (2 Colors)

Got one of these in the last listing. It’s not a bad bag for the price, but there are a couple little things to keep in mind:
[]The inner laptop sleeve is really just a flat separator made of a sheet of plastic. It’s not padded. There is an exterior zippered pocket on the back of the bag that is padded, but my laptop doesn’t fit.
]Measure your laptop really well. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad W550s for work, and I bought this bag for that laptop (my go-to Timbuk2 bag that I’ve used for years is too small). My laptop doesn’t fit in the back pocket or behind the interior plastic separator thing.
[]The strap is sewn onto the bag on one side, and attached to a plastic rectangular ring on the other side (to make it adjustable). On the ring side, the strap wads up and gets stuck in the short side of the rectangle way too easily.
]When the bag is packed full, it doesn’t close very well.

Other than that, I really like this thing. It does its job well. I really like the grab handle (it seems sturdy), there are plenty of pockets, and I love that it has a well-constructed band to slip over a suitcase handle when traveling. I’d say it’s worth $30.