Granite Gear Superior, 2 Colors

I don’t know if these backpacks are all the same, but the Superior is a terrible backpack.

It the shoulder straps. They’re awful. First off I think there’s a reason they don’t show you a strap view in any of the pictures. They’re really narrow. I’ve got a 18" neck and they pinch me. Further, they’re a hard foam or rubber inside, which means the straps don’t give at all and they really put a strain on the sides of your neck. You know how when you pinch something hard, your fingernails go from pink-ish to white under the pressure? That’s how hard you have to squeeze to get the foam in the straps to compress a little. They are just awful.

Don’t get this backpack if you’re a two-strapper. If you go single strap, you might get away with it, but otherwise forget it.