Graphics tablets


Anyone out there ever compared non-Wacom tablets to Wacom tablets? How do they compare in use? Is the lower price of “off-brands” worth it?


Mr. 1,
Please tell me you are not going to sell out and start using one of those fancy-pants tablets to produce your masterpieces. Repetitive Strain Injury from improper mouse usage is it’s own reward.


Mr. Wiseman,
All the cool kids are doing it, I thought I’d try it.

Dr. J's euphemisms know...making whoopy

Cho swears by Intuos. His suggestion is to buy an Intuos 2 on eBay, 'cause there’s little difference other than the little tab thingies, which I have never used on mine (Intuos 3). Apparently bigger may be better, though mine isn’t a gigantic one like he apparently uses. says to get 6x8 or larger- has more of a pen on paper feel to it. I dunno. mine is 4x6. bigger just seems awkward to me.

I love the thing- it is the most often used birthday present I’ve gotten in many years.

Dr. J's euphemisms know...making whoopy

Dr. J,
Isn’t the Intuos, like, just a more expensive (and capable) Wacom? I don’t even know if I’d like drawing on a tablet. I thought I might try a cheap knockoff first, as long as people didn’t already tell me it would be a waste of time.

Sigh. I like drawing in ink, but it’s hard when someone else likes to try to grab the pen while you’re using it.


Yeah, the Intuos is just the better version of the Graphire. more levels of sensitivity. sideways sensitivity. none of that really matters if you are drawing in vector though.

It’s just as difficult when they try to grab the wacom graphic pen. just a warning.


Dr. J,
At least “undo” wouldn’t involve “liquid paper” fumes.

"When I was a kid...

I wonder if they still make a lot of money with that now?
-belongs to one of the Monkees, doesn’t it?



:omg: It could be your first woot purchase! Hey Woot Gods! Offer up a cheap (but good) tablet so no1 can make a purchase and color in his wootqube!!!


(and finally be able to vote for his own designs!)


An even better reason!


hey, no1, don’t bogart that tablet, man.


Bah, voting is overrated, Ms. Dee.


I will say that I have the BIG Intuos3 (9x12), and it’s TOO big most of the time. Has really good resolution, and nice for big sweeping curves, but is a pain in the wrist trying to reach for the top left menu buttons on the screen, then get back to where I was. I really have to learn how to use the customizeable buttons…

If you look at my current t-shirt design (the you suck one), I drew that using the tablet in 2 seconds. :slight_smile:


What is good and inexpensive for someone who is testing the waters and not yet a hard core chopper.


the graphire models used to be $100, but i don’t think they have them that cheap any more… people have posted non-Wacom brands that were less around here before, though


Wacom has the Bamboo line which is around $59-69. Has an almost 6-4 drawing area.


Against Cho’s advice to me, I am going to get a Wacom Bamboo soon. The way I see it, I know there are better versions out there, but I’m pooooor. :frowning:


Mr. Andy, why did Mr. Cho advise against the Bamboo? Was he advising you to just go ahead and get an Intuos because of the superior capability, or is there something wrong with the Bamboo?