Grateful for Diversity

Grateful for Diversity

Grateful for Diversity


Thanks. I hope people view this as a design with a positive message rather than a subtle way protest mr. trump.

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The country names repeat a lot; Pakistani, South Asian, Lithuanian for example appear at least twice, whereas Arab does not appear at all… as an all-inclusive ethnic descriptor, like Slavic, South Asian, or Chinese (which is also missing, I believe) … Arab should be included. Great idea- add more to the concept.

Needs to be redesigned for greater inclusion.

I tried to go off of an official list of ethnic groups in the US. There are several that are listed twice to fill out the flag- often based on the number of letters in the name. I tried to use more specific group names where possible, but missing the general arab-american category could be an oversite on my part and could be added in place of a repeat in the final file if this prints.

Jewish is not an ethnicity, it’s a religion. Israeli on the other hand would be.

I think it is also commonly considered an ethnic group, but I am not an expert.

No religion can be considered as an ethnic groups. I can change my religion, Jewish today Christian tomorrow and Muslim on Friday. But I can’t choose or change my place of birth, which is considered as my ethnicity. A person can be born in any country in the world with whatever religion his parents practice, convert to another religion and still remain the same ethnicity.