Grateful for Diversity

Like the shirt and would buy but will Haitian be spelled correctly on the final design? Spelled as “Haitain” right now on the 10th line up on the far right.

I like the message behind this design. I would order it but I’d like to know who makes the sweatshirt and LS shirt. Does anyone know?

Port & Company. The long sleeve tee is the same weight as the t-shirts; the sweatshirt and hoodie are a heavier weight than fleece offerings in the past.

Imperfect design, what with the repeats and omissions, but that mirrors the country, doesn’t it? More importantly, it’s a shirt that I can wear with some intention. And finally buying a shirt at the higher “shipping included” price. Thanks KG07!

Thanks! The imperfections are less intentional than indicated, but my hope was to get the idea across. I hope that nobody actually tries to read the entire shirt while i am wearing it. :slight_smile: