Gravel,50# All-Purpose

What are you selling here?
1 bag of quikrete 50lbs gravel as shown is at most <$5 everywhere
like lowes and HD

Looks like it.
If you need or want to have it delivered, their flat rate is $59 whether you buy one bag or 10.
So is it worth an extra $67.30 to buy the love of your UPS driver for ordering 500 pounds of something delivered to your front door? The bright side? No porch pirates!

Just found it at big box for $4.30. On sale I’ve seen it for $2.99. For $11.00 I can go to the local gravel yard and buy 1 ton.

OF COURSE Florida would be the top purchaser for a $17 bag-o-rocks…

I’m buying ten just to get even with the UPS driver for what he did to a previous delivery. hehehe

These are $3.85 at my home depot. Is this offer for 10 bags (500#s)? That would be a fair deal.