Gravis Eliminator Gamepad Pro


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Official Woot Price: $12.99

ooooooh, tempting.


excellent… one for each hand, and a third for my wiener




Froogle comes to $15 per controller. Its a meh deal to me, come on do I really need 3 controllers for myself. And as a gift, its saying im a cheapskate.


worst woot to date in my opinion.

edit: I feel pathetic for waiting for woot to turn around at 1am est, refreshing madly


I just got a hard-on.


I only have 2 hands…yet I get 3 gamepads…when I will only be able to use 1 at a time. I wish I had 2 friends that woud actually come over to make the other 2 useful.

Good Deal.


Official woot price = $12.99

Good deal, but I’ll pass and stick to console games and my wireless controller.


First post!? Official woot price: 12.99 Not bad, but I hate staying up for something I dont need, wait, i dont NEED anything from woot.



"If your computer matches the specs above, please upgrade your computer soon "

HAHA- that’s funny


WTF, 3 game pads? for the PC? who in the hell plays a PC game with 3 people lookin at the same screen? let alone played thru the Same PC?? BOOOOOOOOOO


Don’t as me why I purchased one (or three)… I just did…

I’m the official WOOT supporter!!

Snapster:: Cut me off!!


:twisted: :twisted:


I swear to God I’m the only person on the internet that doesn’t play games.

When does the Woot “Adobe Creative Suite Pro for $50” deal get here? :smiley:
I need more visits to my website. It’s an ego thing.


“Easy reach around action”?

On a controller?

Urk… :shock:


[quote user=“JonLim”]worst woot to date in my opinion.

edit: I feel pathetic for waiting for woot to turn around at 1am est, refreshing madly[/quote]

That is YOUR opinion and we’ll all thank you very much to shut your fucking mouth, please, thank you, please!


9 for $44. If I remember right, the EA Sports NHL franchise lets up to 5 or so on the same machine. Would get a little crowded, though, without some sort of (super cheap, high quality) HDTV Wide Screen monitor, hint hint.

Strange that there’s apparently 2 gamepads on Froogle with this same name. Guess this one’s model #44031. Looks like the cheapest there is $19, plus some hard to figure out shipping amount.


oh hells yeah these will come in handy for all the NES playing me and my friends have been doing lately


This is not the worst woot deal, it is one of the best. This is the way all woot deals should be. Cheap and large quantities. Thanks woot.