Gravis Eliminator Rumble USB Gamepad (3 Pack)


Welcome to the Gravis Eliminator Aftershock USB Gamepad (3 Pack) topic page for Tuesday, June 7th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


Woot! Gamepads! I’m building my brother a PC, and since he’s a console gamer I figure he’ll appreciate one of these. I don’t know what he’ll do with three though. Hell, maybe I’ll try one.

FYI, if these arrive with anything earlier than the v4.5 software, throw away the CD and download this driver instead:

:smiley: I hereby declare this deal Woot-Worthy! :smiley:

From a Gravis press release:

The Gravis Eliminator AfterShock Rumble game pad incorporates Gravis’ dual-motor AfterShock rumble power and twin analog controls for an immersing game experience that is truly unmatched. With a separate digital directional pad, Precision buttons for each analog control and 10 fully-programmable fast-action buttons the Eliminator AfterShock is ready for any game. In addition to offering full button programmability and axis swapping, the Gravis Xperience software also allows the user to assign different vibration effects for particular actions; now, even non-force feedback games can come to life.







I confess: I am hoping for some more Honeywell air freshers in the coming weeks.

What say, GC,?


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Ok, one Petey is enough.


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The first week of June has gone by without any MP3 players for sale. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday, brother Thomas!


first page?

and i’m still not gonna purchase?

hmm, what a jerk i turned out to be.


how many today?


Dang, I was hoping for a lemonade maker. :evil:


:? not such a good deal :?


I’m playing Beach Life. Cant use these. And all my game is simulation.


this item doesn’t excite me too much :?


Great w00t… Can’t wait until they arrive!

I still want some BOCs, though.


I just DON’T CARE about this stuff. This is for the kids, but they have enough


great deal, mame hear i come


Ok woot today.