Gravy (temporary topic)

Do you use flour or cornstarch to make your gravy?
And I’ve just discovered people use butter in gravy. A cooking show said 2 Tablespoons butter and flour for each cup of stock. I’ve never done that. Who does?

flour and butter

I’ve made gravy both with corn starch and butter and flour . . . it generally depends on if I want a clear savory gravy or a creamier, heartier gravy . . . whether it’s beef, chicken or pork and how it’s prepared matters, too.

For turkey, I prefer flour, butter and milk.

My impression has always been that you use equal parts of flour and oil (or fat) before you add your stock or milk or coffee or whatever your liquid is. Can be butter, but butter burns and generally oil is a lot harder to burn.

but butter is ooooh sooooo good.

I’ve mainly used flour. Cooking butter or drippings and flour in a pan makes roux which is the base for many white sauces and great for thickening gravy.

May already know this trick, but to keep lumps out of gravy (other than straining), take the flour or cornstarch in a small bowl and add some heated broth to the flour to temper it. Then when it’s added to the pot it’s less likely to lump.

I dissolve the corn starch in cool water; in my experience, hot liquid makes it lumpy on contact

We like flour better, since essentially you are making a roux. If you are using drippings for the gravy, you normally don’t need the butter. Equal parts fat and flour…

I’ve never been able to figure out how much fat is in the drippings. How do you tell?
While we’re on the subject, does everyone leave that big glob of fat at the end of the turkey there, or do you throw that away before roasting?

As to the fat, I have a measuring cup with the spout mounted at the base; let’s me separate it from the drippings. Then I just use as much as necessary for the amount of gravy I want.

As for the fatty pin-cushion, I cut it off before cooking.

What Gman said… The glob of fat… never hurts to leave it on prior to roasting- it usually disappears by the time the bird is done… if not, into the garbage.

My mom likes the, ahem, giblets. Ewww… no thanks.

I like the giblets, too. I always say I cook them to make stock for the gravy, plus they go in the gravy, but they rarely make it because I eat them first.

eww. my mom always made giblet gravy, but she made two batches. one for her, WITH, and one for everyone else SANS.

Your mom was a true gourmet.

I thought giblets were chopped, cooked and put in with the stuffing…

Gravy is its own food group according to my kid.

I like butter & flour & a little of the turkey fat. I don’t like giblets, but I do put them into the gravy & whirr it with a hand blender. Makes the gravy richer (and makes the giblets taste better).

This year, I’m also thinking of thickening my gravy with caramelized onions. One of my favorite ingredients EVER.

Gravy is its own food group! It’s also:
a lubricant
a sacrament
an anti-depressant
a remedy for that not-so-fresh feeling
a dessert topping
a pet deodorizer
and my personal favorite…an undergarment!

Do you chop them?

hahahaha. uh uh.

I never knew meat wasn’t supposed to be grey until I went off to college.
I like my green beans burned a little, cause that’s how she often cooked them.
I saw as many blacked lumps that used to be lima beans as I saw lima beans.

Ewww, gray meat.