Great Golf Gear

As I recall, some of you were looking for golf balls recently… here they are! :slight_smile: We’ve also got a Golf 101 thread if you’d like to give handy golf tips there, too.

Glad they are back! I hope that the price increase means a quality increase too (vs the $12.99 ones way back)! The Golf Gear posts are quickly becoming a favorite for me.

does anyone know if the Nike sq driver is left or right handed I think last time it was only left handed?

If you have any issues with the quality on these, will help you out. Just sayin’!

The Callaway is right handed, I think the Nike was available in both

Thank goodness, I was getting worried about not having enough GOLF stuff.

These Reload recycled golf balls are $9.99 at Golfsmith.

Yes, Service was very helpful last time! Every time I have had an issue they have been helpful. I was just saying that last time they weren’t as nice as described, so I am hoping this time they are a little better. Still a great deal

Very disappointed in the golf balls I received. I’ve bought recycled ones before from stores and have never been given 10/12 with scuff marks and one being a PRACTICE ball.

Terrible purchase.