Great Klipsch

Do the headphones (specifically the controller) work for the iPhone/iOS? The Amazon page for these headphones indicate that they are supposed to be used with Android.

I am unsure, but yes they are android specific. I have heard reviews of the S4i (apple specific version) not being very effective in terms of cross-compatibility, but you can pick them up for $20 more off other sites if you’re worried about that.

Ok, everything should now be working EXCEPT the G-17 is being a PIA. It’ll be a few more minutes on that one.

I’m gonna clean up the thread now.

Of course the headphones sell-out while I’m not looking.

I wish the headphones would last longer than an hour so I would have a chance to get them. Give me a headsup next time these are available.

kinda odd that nobody that helped woot with the problems with the sale on here today even received a thank you.
I’ll have to remember that.

I wasn’t here this morning for the debacle, but special thanks to any of you guys who helped spot any discrepancies or issues

I am waiting for the Klipschorns.

I’m sorry. You’re efforts were not overlooked. I was up to my eyeballs in looking through all the sites for the issues while sitting in on meetings. It was a hectic day but that’s no excuse.

We always appreciate our community pointing out problems. This one especially since we didn’t see it if we were logged in as staff. It was a really weird bug!

Thank you.

You know, I love Woot and all but I don’t see how the G-17 is a deal for $179 when Best Buy has the same speaker for $129

Hey, lookie there. We done did lower the price of the G-17 to $119. Could y’all go buy 3 so the buyer will stop crying in his cereal? That’d be might kind of you.

Oh, and if you already bought this thingy, you’ll see that extra money come flying back to line your pockets before long.

Well lookie here… That’s mighty kind of you to drop the price. Woot Woot

The G17 speakers are awesome speakers. Cannot beat the price.