Greatest American Flowchart


This is phenomenal. How a FLOW CHART can get a song into your head is amazing.
Congratulations, oneshoeoff, on a great win and fantastic design.

One question: how the heck did you even THINK of this???

I was stumped about this Derby entry until now. Thank you Narfcake and lstaff for enlightening me. I’ve never heard of this TV show. Interesting!

LOVE the shirt :)! Guess it’s time to dust off my dvds and start re-watching now that the song is stuck in my head - lol.

Cue cheerful humming

Fun fact: the theme song is one of only a handful to have made it onto the Billboard charts.


Is this some political statement about Donald Trump?

Nope just a loving tribute to a great tv theme song.

I’m not getting one but I just wanted to say “Great job”

And thanks for getting the some stuck in my head.

Congratulations cuz! Great job!

This song plays on the speakers in my grocery store approx. every 6 hours!

Lol. Kids. A tv show from before you were born, maybe long before you were born.

Thanks for the ear worm to brighten my morning!

Thanks, all!

Well, my first two Derby wins were theme song infographics, so that concept is always hovering in the back of my brain. :slight_smile:

Where is this amazing place? I must go there!

well done! Miss the simple sitcom before tv was ruined with reality garbage.

I don’t get it

Nice shirt!
I, too, now have the song stuck in my head.

If you don’t get it, get off my lawn!

Hmm, I think I’ll wait for the George Costanza follow-up shirt.

Relevant for those not in the know: