Green Eggs and Who

Well, the answer is quite obvious! If we had the ability and creativeness, then we would be making our own shirts and not looking around for NEW and interesting designs. (keyword there being… NEW) Every shirt I see here has the same theme almost daily! I haven’t bought a shirt in ages here. They raised the price, decreased the quality, and the designs change only slightly from week to week! It’s unfortunate that Woot has slipped so far. I’ve been coming here for years and it’s just not the same as it used to be! AND I have nothing against any of the winners. They are nice designs… just recycled!

I suppose I can see that side of the argument. I’ve not been on Woot for more than maybe a little under a year now, I didn’t see it back in the day.

I do agree though that I get sick of seeing the over saturation of Dr who and break bad stuff, etc…

But I can’t really blame the artists for that. It’s what the voters want. If they don’t cater to the trends, they don’t sell designs.

Fablefire, Thank you for another great design. I’ll be ordering 3. I don’t know what’s wrong with the others that think Star Wars, Firefly, Indiana Jones, Game of Thrones, and all the other designs I don’t want to take the time to type are Doctor Who and cute animals. I can’t comprehend thought processes that incongruent with reality.

I’m going to be simple and say Congratz, Fable.

I wear my all my WOOT shirts in public, whether they have a TARDIS, a cute animal, or whatever in public.

Nice design, Fable.

I think the fox was necessary, and is a signature that makes Fablefire’s work recognizable instantly.

I wear all my Woot shirts in public. I don’t know what “cool” designs people are looking for. Most of the shirts on this site are nerdy and silly, and that pretty much sums the primary demographic here so it works perfectly. The derby votes and sales support that.

I love to see the designs daily, even if I don’t buy the shirts. There are some really talented artists here, and I’m happy to see them succeed.

I think part of the problem is no one votes anymore. Remember when winning tees would get 800-900 votes? Now winning tees are averaging 200-300 votes. Not sure if no one cares, nobody’s here to vote. or no one is submitting anything good anymore.

Aww c’mon djkid…don’t sugar coat it. Tell us how you really feel.

I desperately want this shirt in a 6 month size. I’ll have to think about getting one for myself.

I’m in for one. I love the fox and the box! I can even totally see the Doctor saying those words! Clever!

Wow! People are a little grumpy, today.

I will eat them here and there, SAY! I will eat them everywhere!

Errrrrrm, I think all the other trademarks you just listed further support our argument.

PAST. PRESENT. FUTURE. PERFECT. [wow, i sound like a grammar teacher.]
Or at least MY past (green eggs and ham, i’m an enormous Dr. Suess fan), present (foxes, on about 7 levels, including just representing my woot! obsession [thank you, fablefire] and future: (i KNOW i have to jump on the Dr. Who bandwagon, i’m the right demographic, i just need to be disciplined to sit down and watch an episode!!!)

Yes! I got one for me and for my daughter (didn’t bother to get one for hubby, doubt he would wear it), but I would love one for my 6 month old son, too!

so fun!!! congrats :sun_with_face:

Sorry, but I’ve come out of ultra lurker mode to side with the haters. Let me start by saying that this is an excellent design. Really well-illustrated, and huge kudos to the artist. My problem is that the designs that have come up lately are too steeped in pop culture and are all too derivative. I used to be able to come here for something that was totally awesome and unique. For example, earlier this morning, I was just wearing my Druid Leap Year shirt (only have to wait a couple more years for another leap year!), and whenever I wear my Mr. Bobo shirt, I always gets compliments on it. I still love my The Sex Drugs shirt as well as my other robot-themed shirt. My husband has almost completely worn out his 60s Space Girls tee.

All of those designs are completely awesome and timeless (well, except that the leap year shirt only works every 4 years!), and I feel like most of the designs I’m seeing now are going to be awesome for a couple of months (for those of you who like these things), but then are going to be discarded for the next big thing. The derbys used to really put serious limits that seemed to keep the designs from being too repetitive, and looking at my history, I can see that it was completely strong from 2007-2010, and it’s really trailed off since then.

I for one do not like Doctor Who (but I do love fablefire because who can’t), and honestly not a ton of at Woot like DW either, but we are at the whims of our buying and voting audience.

Please, peeps who are complaining, pls come back and vote in the derbies regularly, and vote with your dollahs on more artsy tees, that’s how we’ll be able to justify putting up more “timeless” designs.

But, ya know, this tee also seems to basically selling well so maybe pop culture & foxes 4eva.

I bought 2 shirts, both for my kids. My daughter is such a fox lover and both like the 2 doctors: Seuss and Who.

I purchase Woot shirts for 5 people and what I buy for each is based on personality and personal preferences. I prefer literary references and retro/vintage; my teen likes science, technology, and video games; my middle child likes dragons and animals; my youngest likes robots and knights. My husband would not go for most pop culture references (except maybe Breaking Bad) but the kids like them and since they out-grow their shirts in a year or two timelessness is not a big issue (and because they outgrow their shirts, I buy more for them than for myself or husband).

So with such a variety of people to shop for, I do agree that a variety of designs is a good thing!

Baby and Toddler size shirts would be fun. Maybe not for every design, but for certain ones…

Woot’s always had pop-culture and cute among the top of it’s best sellers. Fablefire brings a lot of cool stuff to the site for sure.

I do love the arty and weird designs too. That was a bigger part of what defined Woot when I first became a customer. FWIW, for my part as an artist I try to experiment a lot.

Where the voters speak the artists follow, so please everyone visit the weekly derbies and vote!