Green Grotto 13: Please wipe your feet, this our home. (Also, stay off the grass!)

Probably not worth it. They’re heavy.

Flat Rate postage.



I’d have to open the box. Kinda still not worth it.

Oh well.

Just stop and pick them up.

I’ll deal with them eventually.

I have no energy.

no trackr crap? AM DISAPPOINT

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got 3 in the box last week


what do you have against lex luthor?

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I won’t be in your part of the state for a while, though.

" I notice from our friend Lichme’s handy WootStalker that the Clause Coalition has more members and more staff."

any1 know @lichme? i wonder if he saved a copy of the list.


What would you like to know about him?

whether he saved a copy of the red/green lists and would be willing to post them somewhere.

Yes, Claus Coalition had more staff & wooters.
The Santa Sedition had TT (the best staff member) and more dedicated wooters.

The list isn’t in GG-1? Can it be searched if you posted in GG-1??


He’s seen you when you’re sleeping. He’s known when you’re awake. For most of your entire life, he’s walked into your house whenever he wanted and your parents were powerless to stop him. And the once possible choice you had, with him or against him? He took that away for you too!

The time has come to subvert the Santa subjugation! We are the Santa Sedition, and we shall not rest until the Tinsel-Trimmed Tyrant has been toppled. (Also, we’re really into alliteration.)

Now you’re ready to take the fight to him. And if you tear down his Santopia and defeat the Claus Coalition, you’ll finally know what it means to sleep your own sleep. You’ll finally decide for yourself if you’re bad or good. And you’ll be good for your OWN sake.


The only GG-1 i have access to is the one on the wayback machine, and although i can page through it in the original woot forum format, i can’t get the search to work rite.


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i was hoping you were gonna tell a story about meeting the police.


Tonight’s $1 spoiler. I’ll be asleep. Have fun!


“Woot! Happy Birthday and

I bought the kiddos a KitNipBox. It’s been a while since we’ve had one