yeah, I had some good old ones too. sad to see them go.

I have written down much (but not all!) of the contact info I have in one place. I guess once the new forums are sorted out we can decide what to do with it (how to share, who to share with) etc.




Thank you.


That’s why I added that note on the first day blog.

I knew there were important things in PMs.


They’ll be gone for a couple of days but we’ll be bringing all the threads over shortly after launch. WE HAVE A PROUD HISTORY, DAMMIT!


lots of priceless Slydon PMs about Bowie!



And a very long and large history that takes a while to migrate over. :tongue:




My favorite message of my history with woot!

Hello cklun,

Subtotal (1) $100.00
Shipping $5.00
Tax $7.00
Discount/Coupon - $5.00
Total $107.00

Good, you got your replacement Bucket of Coral. Crap is on the way! Slowly. But oops, looks like you forgot to use the coupon. Soooooo we just went ahead and applied the coupon in your name. We’re also buying grand pianos in your name.



Album & a Beer time!

I put a Waylon record on today.




MBS, have you seen it? I’m so excited!


Cluck Cluck
What? Woot is changing?
Roosters don’t handle much change.
I hope Mr Whiskers is doing OK with all this going on.

Cluck Cluck



I caught my 2nd deoxys today, too!


Woo yay! I’m behind but I did finally get a farfetch’d from an egg this week.

Rumor has it there’s a mimikyu plush at the Walmart. I don’t usually buy that stuff but if I can find one I’ll make an exception.


meow Imma sawry friend Wooster. Imma not good company right neow. Imma sad about my frien Priscilla. She was only a year older than me.


I love you, Mr. Whiskers. Give your human an extra kiss when you go to bed tonight.

Thanks to the entire Green team for all your support.


Maybe you’ll get moar cheerful if I remind you there are only 70 days until Christmas!



Hey! YOU STOP THAT! You stop it right now.


let me tell you a little bit about my trip.

the weekend we left, P went to Busan, South Korea for a film festival. around the same time as a typhoon went exactly between where he lives and Busan. he did make it safely to Korea.

we went to at least 1, often 2 parks a day. we walked between 13,000 and 19,000 steps each day. it was 88-93 degrees and humid every day.

K decided to go home for the weekend for Columbus Day. a friend who lives in MA drove him. fri evening he took our car to visit a friend. the battery died. he called us at about 12:30 am to ask what to do. he slept at friend’s house and called AAA in the am. we said, use the van instead if you want to drive anywhere else. the van needed gas. he never pumped gas before. hard to do all this over the phone.

on the return trip to school, his friend’s car died. as in dead, not worth fixing. don’t know details on that, not sure I want to. thank goodness they were in Albany (where the school is), it was daytime, and a friend could pick them up.

several days later P called, also after midnight. he bought a used leather jacket - cheap! but now needed money for food. he and N both use Bank of America, so we were able to transfer him some $$ the next day.

the night we went to the halloween party mr. mbspell and I were out until about 12:30 am. P called at about 2 am. he knew it was late, but was in the Pokemon Center (store) and did I want anything…

we were up between 7-9 every day. so it was exhausting. worried about typhoons, and kids, and cars. 3 nights out of 10 we were woken after midnight.