some foods:

cinnamon sugar cronut
dumplings from Morimoto Asia (restaurant not food fest)
dumplings and egg rolls from China
haunted mansion cream puff from halloween party


some drinks:

blue glow tini (hotel)
grey goose lemon slush (France)
strawberry margarita (Mexico)
cotton candy drink (hotel)


epcot at night

sunset at hotel

inside Mexico pavillion

safari highlights

and, at Disney Springs I found the same frozen beer I had at Tokyo Disney!


too tired to post more now. I have to get up and drive the guys to the train station. I will be heading into Boston tomorrow afternoon. I’ll meet the guys for dinner and then meet up with a pokemon go guy for a trade. good times.


I leave you with a funny story.

to surprise mr. mbspell, I spent well over an hour raking our 200+ ft long driveway. I texted him a photo, and he said, wow, did the wind blow all the leaves off the driveway?

needless to say I won’t do that again


Really cool pics MBS. The food looks so good and those fancy schmancy drinks!! Woo Hooo!


Those were some REALLY GREAT PICS MB!!!

You’re very talented!

You need to get the Mr.a leaf-blower for Christmas! Nothing signifies the love of a couple and the baby Jesus like a well-manicured driveway!




no appreciation. :slight_smile:

great photos again! the drinks look magical.


Wednesday’s here!!


morning is just not my thing.


Love the pictures MBS, and the leaves lol!


happy wednesday

I think it was like 41 when I drove guys to train station. BRRRRR I think I will wait a bit before I take a walk and maybe bring gloves. that breeze is cold.


then tomorrow, back to work :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone got an idea for what kinda job I should look for if I leave the tech world?


ok, happy mid week!!


Little bird is waiving. see you in the new forums.


TV psychic


Imma hold you to this, BSN



I better start that diet now, then. and make an appointment for a haircut. and buy clothes other than woot shirts… or wait, maybe it could be my trademark? snarky shirts? you might be on to something, pepper!


today is the day for the switch! maybe when I come back everything will be different…