This thread will be in Everything But Woot (where it really should be). :slight_smile:






see you all on the other side…


that is a great idea

I hope all the greens can find it :wink:


I hate being the center of attention, so maybe tv psychic, clown and magician are not the direction I should be moving in…


too much red


Concierge at Disney World


I’ve often thought that.


That’s not a bad idea.

I have an aunt and uncle who live in a fancy 5th wheel (rv) and travel the states. In the winter they are caretakers of a golf course down south and in the summer they volunteer at Yellowstone.


now you’re talking!!

just need to wait until K is out of college and then we can think about moving south (but FL might be too far south).


Well, we know you’re not cut out to be a leaf-raker…neither am I


I did an excellent job raking, it just was not appreciated. but manual labor is not what I was looking for either. (and we do have leaf-blower someplace. I was just trying to save him some work this weekend).

we need to move to a condo or townhouse so we don’t have to shovel or rake at the next place.


this place needs more halloween





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