green grotto, part IV



Its really not that bad. I was dreading it, but it went by quickly. Hope yours does the same.








Cloudy 73 Have the windows open, a little cool in the house. Had them open maybe six days now. Going to the 40s tonight. Ewww, no.
60s tomorrow, no windows open. Might be a few more days this week to be able to have them open.



Maybe no one wants to start over again?


Loose pants. Or take a page from TRJ’s book…no pants.



Contemplating the new forum and its lack of page numbers…


Its kinda lonely in here…




SO I just gave up my moderator duties on the main Lost and Found pet page on FB last night…I am feeling much more calm today.


went to the photo show, it was so cool. my favorite radio station (now defunct) was Boston-based, but located in Lynn, MA not too far from the beach or my kids’ high school. one of the djs had been there since like 85 and always had her camera. she had photos from Bryan Ferry, Elvis Costello, Bjork, Nirvana, Johnny Lydon, Iggy Pop, etc. and maybe the last photo of Roy Orbison. was so cool knowing all these people were so close to home. I bought this mug



I guess she has like 10,000 negatives. her new husband stumbled on the photos cleaning the garage and convinced her to do something with them. I really hope there’s a book someday, with the stories she and the other djs have about the pics. there will be more shows to come.

in about 15 min we’ll head into Boston for the concert. thank goodness there is no baseball tonight. the House of Blues is next to Fenway Park and it would be a nightmare!!

we’re seeing Mitski. here is her new single…

and another new song…


so I won’t be around! should be a fantastic sold out show! hope all greens have a good night as well :slight_smile:


I’ll see you every once in a while. The new stuff is beyond me. I don’t understand why I’m reading posts over and over and over.




Yeah. I know.
There’s a lot of posts showing 2 or more times…