green grotto, part IV



I am surprised how much I miss the page numbers. shit, who knew!! lol

yeash I want the old threads.




very nice dave everything going good!!!


good nice calm green day…


Happy Wooster Wednesday!!!


Happy Mr. Whiskers Wednesday!

Cat Chat



Which did you choose @daveinwarshington?


Thank you everyone that responded…sorry to hear Chev lost fur baby too…:::hugs:: n love my birthday sister. We might be taking in a coon cat from a gentleman who’s dementia has gotten bad very quickly. He’s forgetting that it’s his cat more than not. So the staff have been taking care of the cat, but the poor thing wants “his” human…they are supposed to meet with the daughter and if the family doesn’t take the cat, this pink ribbon kid will take Puddin, a beautiful coon cat. It’s really too soon…but under these particular circumstances I don’t think Kita would mind…it would be helping out a bunch of people including myself…losing Nikita has shook me to the core…she was so full of love…anyhoo…thanks guys and so sorry Chev :cry:


Geezum I feel old trying to figure out the forums…used to be a computer whiz now I’m a computer wuz


I do hope you get that cat. I don’t think it is too soon to get another pet. You need this cat as much as the cat needs you. I think it is what you should do, Kita would want you happy.
So many cats and dogs need good homes. It helps with the grieving to put that love you have to another pet. You are not replacing her. Cannot be done. It will not dishonor her. You need a cat, Kat!


Keeps our minds from getting stale, increases our brain power!
I really thought I would have to abandon woot! If I couldn’t get it. I love the new way to get gifs. I put it in dark mode, all that white is blinding.

Sounds like Puddin is going to get a great home! I have a coon and I love her!!!!




Cluck Cluck
Happy Whiskers/Wooster Wednesday!


Cluck Cluck


I had an Apple Walnut salad with Chicken from 7-eleven for lunch.

Is it a possum? I don’t know. I found it at Giphy which says it came from reddit where the poster called it a mouse.

I don’t know where those owls are. Maybe the owls are more tiny than they appear.

How are ya doin’ Mick?



Everybody needs to be very nice to kitties. Kitties are nice, people are nice (except mean farmer men) so we all need to help each other. ~meow~


~meow~ Thanks nice lady!