green grotto, part IV



The 17 strands of lights in the next office have raised the temperature about 10 degrees in here.

The judging ends at 9am today. The awards go out at the Christmas party we’re having this afternoon. I’m curious to see who wins


wait, I don’t have articuno in Let’s Go!

focused on badges and elite 4 before catching all the rares.

oh damn, I HATED the frost cave. now I gotta go back?!?

and I did my 3rd mystery box last night :smiley:

ETA: son thought you could not catch articuno until after you beat elite 4, so maybe you are ahead of me


so glad that they are finally trying to make things right. I hope the stress of the last 15 days on you and mr mick will be forgotten and he will gain some weight back. this is wonderful news!


up early to drop guys at subway. rode around, caught some pokemon. thought I’d try a walk. about 28 degrees here. I lasted 15 minutes. will walk on the treadmill instead!


:poop::poop:Yes, but turds fit in the Grotto just fine!:poop::poop:


28 degrees here too! :cold_face:


I gotta figure what the heck that circus tent was & why that monster with hearts ate so many rotten bananas. LOL


Definitely haven’t fought the elite 4. I don’t have all 8 gym badges yet.

Forgot about the mystery box last night until I was in bed. Timer was at 0. Will have to transfer tonight to get another box.


yeah, son was confused. now I gotta go back into the cave.

I am thinking of saving before articuno and going back into it until I get a shiny, but then again I am kinda lazy


the pokemon in gyms can each eat up to 10 berries/bananas, which will fill up their health (hearts)



We’re talking different games now. The cave is in Pokemon Let’s Go.

The circus tent with the monsters with hearts is a Gym in Pokemon Go.


lol don’t confuse him!!


There’s another game?

ps… I’ll Youtube to see what’s going on with the gym things.


Gotta hit Costco the second it opens… or before. It opens 5 - 10 min early sometimes. I think it opens at 10,

It’s much much less busy early in the morn.

Had the woodstove going the last few days. It’s nice & free heat, but have to run the humidifier to keep it from being a desert in here.


the other game is for Nintendo Switch, it’s not a phone game.

and I would not worry too much about doing anything but spinning gyms if you’ve only been playing for a week.


I wish I had that kind of system to run the heat from the fireplace. I have been keeping a fire going. It heats up the greatroom with the high ceilings really well. Bedrooms do not need to be so warm anyway.
40 now 49 later but windy. Lows in the mid 20s
Cooler temps than usual this time of year.
But it snowed on the 8th last year.


Gotta try & figure something out.
We live in the sticks.
Our Verizon cell signal is weak (-100db measured on my phone, that’s bad)
How to find if anyone else has a better signal…
I go to cell on-line maps & it shows kinda signal around here from a few companies.
I’d like to try different carriers, but I’m sure not going to buy a phone from everyone.
Any other ideas out there from Green Techies?
BSN? Anyone?


We have a ceiling fan in the living room that helps circulate the heat.
I’ll also turn just the fan on for the central air system to move air around. :fire::fire:


Watched the Pokémon trailer. Looks like it will be a fun movie. I will probably see it.


:goal_net::ice_hockey: Well, Seattle is getting their new $650 Million Hockey team by the year 2020.:ice_hockey::goal_net:
Also, renovation to the arena to exceed $700 million.

They should call them the Seattle Taxers. :moneybag::heavy_dollar_sign::moneybag::dollar:
I don’t think Seattle voters have ever turned down any tax on anything.