green grotto, part IV



I need to change the fans motion but I am afraid of heights. I do not think I could even reach it with a fifteen food ladder. Too short. Also that ladder is too heavy for me. I don’t know which ladder we used to install the fans.
We have an insert with a blower but that thing is loud. Which make me have to turn the radio or tv louder, I do not like loud. Well tv, not music.
I loved the song you played yesterday. But then again I enjoy all your tunes.

You and Mrs d are going to have so much fun being retired together. It is really nice when those workday hours and stress are gone. Gives a new perspective. You have time to do anything. I really love not working. If I had no hobbies, it would be bad. You two do so much, gonna be nice.


MBS may not want to throw rocks at the Pokemons after seeing how cute they are…


You really don’t have to change ceiling fan directions, especially if the fan is mounted high.
I change ours, because it’s only about 8’ high.
If it has speed settings & the ceiling fan isn’t too loud, just keep it on ‘low’.


Dave, Verizon is the only carrier that even has towers near us. We had Sprint. Worked for awhile, called them when trouble started. Oh, you have no towers, they moved it. Got out of contract.
About our internet, I lived in a county, while as a whole is considered wealthy(ie farming, etc). But the majority of the people live in poverty. Many(most) do not have computers or internet but they have their phones! And pay big. So ATT is not going to run lines that provide faster internet to an area that cannot give them enough money back, fast. Low population, low income, small town. Corporatism.


Ceiling fans are noiseless, insert blower, loud but helps push that warmth out. Old insert by Ashley, they used to make them here when this town was alive. The Airforce Base closed the year I moved here. Had a lot of openings for teachers. Town has been slowly dying since. Mall is about empty. I was shocked when I moved here, the mall closes at 7:00. Rumor is Belk is closing, prolly true, so we will have Walmart. Shit.


I owned an Ashley!
That wood stove was my only source of heat for maybe 20 years!! (1970’s-80’s)
An Ashley ‘Automatic 25’ I think it was called.
That thing was freaking AMAZING!
I could stuff a stump into the top of it.
It had automatic damper on it.
I saved the door on it, the rest kinda rusted away after so many years & moves.
The door hangs in my workshop on the wall now.
Found an on-line pic:

That’s odd… The picture turned very w-i-d-e. The stove isn’t that fat.

I’ve had some ceiling fans that got loud on a low setting.
Just getting the heated air that’s trapped high on your ceiling to circulate is the main thing.


Everyone having a good day?


Use wifi calling on your smart phone.


5G isn’t even going to help. It’s very fast, but it takes alot of mini towers. No way the cell phone companies are going to do all these mini towers in rural areas. It’s a shame, because some places still only have dialup. That’s completely unacceptable. Sure, they can go with satellite internet, but the latency and going out when it is cloudy…


Oh! I’ll check that. Must be a setting or something.
My Droid is maybe 3 or 4 yrs old, but should have all that stuff.


It might. Do you know what kind it is? Should be something like Settings>Connections>Advanced Calling


hahaha I read it quick and wondered if he was having connection issues playing pokemon go.



this week has been rough. my sister said something about energy flares. in any case, I am feeling extra moody this week.

got a few more errands to run. did get in a walk and watched the first Christmas episode of the Great British Baking show, and that was fantastic. going to try to make them last until Christmas and not watch them all this week, lol

how’s your day going, BSN?


The Great British Baking show keeps trying to play on my netflix. I guess I should give it a shot.

Pretty good.


well, I think it’s a fantastic show. you like to bake, maybe you’ll enjoy it. give the newest season a try.


Everyone likes it when I bake lol. I just don’t do it often.


I feel great when I have two bars out here. Live outside a small town, in a smaller incorporated rural town. Pretty rural.


Droid turbo 2, android 7.0
Don’t see ‘connections’. I’ll keep looking…

Found it! Needs ‘activated’. I’ll see if that costs $$.


nah, calling over wifi is generally a feature of the phone and there should be no charge. P facetimes me (a way to call with or without video) from Japan all the time. the call goes over the wifi and not the cellular service. as long as you have data covereage - and for a smart phone you will - should not be any extra fee.


when P was in college at UMass Amherst we had terrible reception for part of the drive. the school itself had reception, but way out in western MA, by the Berskhires, we had no cell service and even lost the satellite radio for part of the drive.