green grotto, part IV



Done. I think.
It said to reboot phone in 5 min, after it loads I guess.
Also… forgot to check Pokemons at Costco…
Probably had warehouse-sized ones there!


Yes! Everyone have a clucking wonderful day today!
Woo Hoo Cluck!


Great! I hope it helps you.


The live Nativity scenes are getting pretty wild these days.



Yes. It worked. Thank you BSN.
…or at least it said it worked…


Holiday party is over. I won second place in the decorating contest. Also scored a cool tool kit from the white elephant. I passed up a chance to steal a pink pig/unicorn bank. But hey, tools are good.

The liquor was already “froze”.


Mine has a different icon in the call history when it uses WiFi calling. It has to use that at my house because the reception sucks.



If you buy that tissue and rubber band ensemble, what kind of ads do you think you’ll get?


Idk. It’s done better and giving me panthers stuff and trucks the past few days. I need a 4WD for the mountains. My little 2wd truck struggles up there.

Of course it gives me stuff for $30,000 and my budget is like $0. HAHA.


YAY. Tested it in the basement.
It said call completed using wifi.
Makes me wonder what other features I could be using!

Now to set Mrs. d’s phone to this later.

Thanks again.


We HAVE to use WiFi out here, the “gs” suck out here. Drive two miles to the highway, lose signal until I get to the highway. Guess everyone out here relies on WiFi.




this week BFF gets some of the results back on all the tests he had recently. he keeps hinting that it’s bad. like really bad. so I’ve kinda been a wreck today.

so I’m going to post a few silly gifs for a distraction.


that might work



well, I feel a little better :wink:


Mom’s 81st cake day today!


Hi BSN LTNS! Yep…I am livin the dream!


YAY! Tools are always good.