green grotto, part IV



The company who makes the food supplements probably has a program to cover what insurance does not pay for even if that means they have to foot the bill…makes for good relations. YAY for the bed! But it sucks on the delay. I’m glad it came together finally, someone knew they screwed up and you stayed on their ass about it which was good!!! Green love to the both of you, I know how it is to have an ailing husband. :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Um, I fell in the Walmart parking lot (my bad knee gave out)…I cracked a left rib, sprained my left wrist and hairline fracture on my right index finger. But my purse broke my fall!!!


So…not so good.

Rest and recuperate.


WTG Pepper!!!


OUCH! Be careful out there & heal up fast!!


Yay! WooHoo!


ugh… Sorry to hear. Hoping/praying the news isn’t as bad as you think…


Thanks Moles, I’m gonna hang out here for awhile. :green_heart:


I’m praying for his tests to be good Mb, and sending you some GREEN love to ease your nerves! :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Hey Kat! How goes it?


That’s great news mick! Maybe all the angry vibes from the Greens helped move it along.

Hopefully this gives you a chance to relax some and get some decent sleep.


Thanks Dave, hangin out with the greens now where its safe LOL


livin the dream and thank you for asking! how are you Marlene?


Aw Marlene! I hate that happened to you. Take it easy and I hope you feel better fast.


hurting from my fall, but took some pain meds, just gotta heal…darn knee LOL


Thanks Pepper! Its not the first time! I need injections to replace the cartilage in my knee, which I am hoping to get in 2019.


oh no!!

so sorry to hear it, marlene! take it easy and get lots of rest.


Ouch I just read that…definitely rest up! I do hope it heals quickly and doesn’t have any lingering issues! Sending a big hug! (hugs) :hugs:


I am quite anxious over my cancer screenings…


Do you wear a brace?

I’m still dealing with partial paralysis. I have to be more conscious as I walk. And the more tired I am the hard that is to do.