green grotto, part IV



I kinda like them. Root veggies. They taste earthy.


Was listening to the Classic Vinyl station on Sirius XM and thought of you @daveinwarshington.


That’s the Sirius station I listen to most of the time.
Great song.


yesterday he said the results will show “what is going to take him out.” the way he’s talking is like he’s convinced it’s terminal, whatever it is. said earlier results pointed to something bad. I’ve known him for over 35 years and I go into a complete panic at the thought of something serious being wrong with him. I will never have another friend like him.


enough moping for me.

hope the week improves for you, mar, and kathleen and chev

happy birthday to your mom, moles

keep spinning and catching, dave!



Me too…Classic Vinyl every day!


The Bridge is another that we listen to. Classic Rock but more mellow. Like England Dan and John Ford Coley.


Classic Rewind is another good one…I think that might be Channel 25. They bill it as “Cassette era rock”, lot of 80’s stuff.


I know what you mean. When will he know for sure, and be able to share the information with you?


Not so much that one. Still tired of most of those. The older stuff I can listen to again because it has come back around.


Ahem… 50s on 5 and 60s on 6.


First Wave is more my style. But even them it’s the much the same “hits” I’ve listened to for almost 40 years. Like any radio station they are limited on what gets played. How about a b-side or non-single track?


Yep! I have both of those on my presets also.

In fact, I need to spend some time cleaning up my presets. I have a few country stations programmed, but for some reason I have “Willie’s Roadhouse” on about 4 different presets, yet I never listen to it.


I just spent a half an hour on the phone with them yesterday because my year is almost up. Go through this every year. "It’s going to be $250. Well, then I’m going to cancel, I can’t afford that. Well, let’s see what we can do. Ends up $135, including taxes and the $2 to bill me because I will never again ever give them my credit card number.


Willies has all the good old classic country!
I LOVE that station.
The Bridge sometimes, 50-60’s is in the mix.
Rewind seems to have stuff that’s just OK…
Trouble with Sirius is… it cuts out a lot. hard to get an entire song unless I’m out on the highway. We have 100+’ trees lining most all roads here, douglas fir trees grow like weeds and cut the signal.
I dumped Sirius on one vehicle, have it for a while on one and mrs. d has it on her new car. She also hates songs cutting out.
And for ‘pay music’, they sure talk a lot between songs…


excellent questions. I’m guessing this week or next. or maybe he won’t want to discuss it.

to occupy myself I beat the elite 4 and finished the game. then caught zapdos. yay for distractions!


I listen to AltNation, 1st Wave & SiriusXMU mostly. I hate hearing the same stuff over & over. I alternate those with a local streaming station.


We have Pandora on all day, the stations vary from James Taylor Channel, 70’s, 80’s, Adele Channel, Hootie and the Blowfish Channel and now we have Christmas music on…



I saw this in some comments somewhere today. I saved it, but I’m not sure sending it to anyone is professional.


I cannot unsee this. But the resemblance to someone I know is uncanny! LOL!