green grotto, part IV



Well we have a lot Green power here. You are in my thoughts, like all the time! Some of it has to reach you! Hoping for the best, Kat, always.:green_heart:


Marlene! I am the one that is supposed to be falling! I am so sorry you are hurt. I do hope you get the knee replacement.
My knee has not been the same since my last fall on the stone patio. Hurts a lot. More to have checked. Take care and take your pain stuff. Put that leg up. Rest.


Thinking about you, hope your bff’s news is better than he is thinking. Sending some Green love to Georgia.


…[quote=“daveinwarshington, post:4445, topic:11857, full:true”]
Found these chips at Costco today.
They are really kinda good!


My favorite! (when I allow myself to splurge on carbs)
especially love the sweet potato ones.




soooo…Christmas lights all winter!!! lol


that sucks moles, sorry…did they say it will go all away with some more time?


all by ourselves…set the pump thingy up filled the bags, primed it, some other do dads and we did it right, so it is working like it is suppose to. whoo hooo! lol

it feels easier to breath already mb.




much better today bsn!


I had to pick leah up from her college class @ 7:30. she usually goes with her buddy chase but he was in a bowling tournament today so was skipping class.

and I was taking my bff of 45 some years out to dinner for her birthday so we picked an italian place close to the college instead of the place we planned to go to. never been there before but is was pretty good. but… boy oh boy is she getting crankier as the years go by. shit :shushing_face:


he could be wrong. hopefully, he is wrong mb.


good thing for that huge purse!! lol

but damn marlene… heal quick.:hugs:




you know it did!!! :gloves:


well…that is a site…I never knew existed bsn. I tabbed it . lol


we barely listen to music at all anymore for years really… I stay in the quiet most the time.

that is why I enjoy all the different music vids the greens post so much. only some of moles though… lol


it is a new Thursday, seize the day greens.


About 6 months. It was about that last time, but I didn’t have the paralysis, just weakness.


Old Seals and Crofts tune covered by Type O Negative…


I forgot to post a picture of the winning entry. It’s pretty awesome.