green grotto, part IV



Sorry to hear that. I know it’s easy to worry and speculate at times like this, just remember your blessings…


Sorry about the fall Mar. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Did the doc say how long to heal up?


love the lollipops & lamp posts!


BFF said there were likely cancer cells but lymph nodes & bones are clear. he’s waiting for kidney test results next before a treatment plan can be made. I have no idea where this cancer is located. I’m hoping not liver or pancreas. anyway, I’m taking the news as somewhat positive & hoping the rest of the tests come out ok. thank you all for your support. glad to have work today as a distraction.


mick, so glad to hear things are improving there.

cal, sorry your knee is still hurting.

mar, hope your rib & hand aren’t too painful.

I am really looking forward to the secret santa reveals, it will be good to have more happy posts here! I know I need distractions



wow, I figured out how to post gifs from my phone, yay me!



The funny thing is out of all this, my knee is skinned up but doesn’t hurt LOL!


About 6 weeks or so…


This could have been much worse, still praying that the rest come out treatable…:green_heart::pray:


Has everyone received/sent out their Green Santa gift yet? Asking for a friend…


We all know my stuff was sent out :rofl:

I have received part of my gift from my santa. Awaiting a second part. We’ve already discussed this.


Only reason I am asking is that it came across the news that 6 families have had boxes stolen on the streets around us. So one of us is staying home at all times to watch for USPS and UPS now. People have gone crazy.






Good Green Morning!