green grotto, part IV




I highly recommend everyone have a retired drunk neighbor who spends a lot of time on his porch.

Gift sent and gift received. This is so much fun.


moles hasn’t sent his yet…,


I just realized my last statement may have been off putting.

I meant to say my secret santa and I have already discussed my gifts in PM’s. That’s how I know I’m missing one part.

I was not saying “we” as a green grotto have already discussed this and your question is dumb. Definitely did not mean for that to come off that way if it did. Sorry if it did.


my gift has been sent & received as well

I love green secret santa exchange!!


later greens!


Its ok, I figured I missed something which is not unusual for me.


meh, overrated…

That being said, I have my weekly conference video/call in 20 minutes…



:cold_face: 22 degrees out there. :cold_face: Brrrrrr…

:snowflake: Heavy frost on everything. :snowflake: Looks like snow… :snowflake:

:fire: The wood stove is keeping the house nice & warm. :fire:


Hurry moles!
(wait… was Dec 10 the ship-by date or something?)


Ugh. It’s that bi-annual time of year for me. I think I’ve got a cold. It’s just starting, but I’m usually sick around the holidays. Last year it was over new years, so at least this time it’s before.

Only ten work days until Christmas break!

Also, TT is super awesome (obviously). She’s sending me a set of headphones to replace those broken ones.


no comment


I’m not sending mine until Saturday. It is impossible for either of us to get away during this week. I’m in the middle of nowhere with a short lunch hour with the post office closed during the hours I’m off. Oogie is sooooo busy. Her orders are already more than all of last December. I don’t want to add to her stress.
I’ll have to rethink doing this next year.


I thought the 7th?


Yes. All Greens would have to agree 100%!

TT is THE Official Green Team Moderator.


Ehhh… 7th, 10th, who’s counting…
We know you’ll get it shipped as soon as you can.

GREEN TEAM! Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules!


people are late every year. stuff happens. still plenty of time to get it there before Christmas!


I may (or may not) have gone over the amount too.


they treat us like idiots here. no internet access at all for techs. only my phone or the pharmacy programs allowed. boo


Time for a new job