green grotto, part IV



You, me, probably most Greens.
It’s not the amount, it’s the thought.

We Love Green Team Christmas Gift Exchange!!

If anyone gets stressed out about it, they are doing it wrong…


I did not mean to upset anyone with my inquiry. Its just that we are having problems and I would hate someone’s hard work and money go to waste. I will go back to my corner.


You were definitely the only one who may or may not have done that…

Definitely the only one…


I’d be more worried about HIPAA and wandering prescriptions. That’s my guess for internet access. I’m actually surprised how lax our filters are here at my hospital system. I’m not complaining, just surprised.


I think they worry about viruses too


Is there a pill for that?


I know you’re being sarcastic but




Sneaky-covertly cleaning the house to be kinda ‘family clean’.
Unsure if mrs. d knows about them arriving, but I’m guessing she somehow knows.
She always knows.


Lysol. According to the guy who cleans this place Lysol is a God. My shoes stick to the floor once he’s done mopping and he empties half a can in the air every day. We’ve told him to stop it, but he’s “sensitive” and doesn’t listen. It doesn’t matter if you have broken ribs and if makes you cough. Lysol will fix that!


You may/may not have something waiting for you on the front porch. :man_shrugging:



I saw it right before I left for work. son had a goofy AR headset on & I said I hoped mailman came & saw him. as if on cue, there was a knock at the door. lol

I appreciated the “not green secret santa gift” note on the side. and decided I’d rather have something to look forward to after work, so didn’t open it yet.


But does it work on computer viruses? maybe…


let’s ask @bestsportnascar


Cool. Just crap you requested.
And as you know… always something else…


Stuff to do.
Bye for now GREENS! Have a great Green Thursday!



Lysol gets rid of computer viruses.
Spray your computer with Raid to debug.




I am looking at the email sent by @othergreengodmother titled Secret Santa Match. It says:
Please aim to send your gift some time in the next 3 weeks - no later than December 7th.
I mailed my package today, and it should be delivered Monday. Meant to put a note inside,
but forgot and taped it closed. But just check the return address, I put faughtey instead of
my real name. Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:


Is your real name revealed anywhere?