green grotto, part IV



I went with a friend to lunch and then to wander around Sam’s Club. Great place to browse at Christmas. Should have gone there first, there were at least ten items to sample. Wouldn’t have needed lunch. Surprised there were that many on a Thursday.

And to make my day complete, won one of those things from that other place.


No, it isn’t, only othergreengodmother knows :smile:


During small business Saturday, I got this set of fingerless gloves and a cowl that can also turn into a hat from an ig friend and gave them to my chemo nurse today! I was happy she fell in love with them and tried to pay me for them!! I’m like no they are a gift for you! Anywho thought I’d share…


Well Kathleen you know since I am head crochet queen here I am going to love them. What a nice gesture! Nurses have to put up with a lot, so I am sure you made her day. Getting handmade items is really nice!


I do! I love my special scarf! :kissing_smiling_eyes: those are my nurses colors and she adored them…she totally didn’t expect it. It made my day too…she’s an awesome nurse…oh they had the World Series Trophy there and we got our picture taken! Hubs had the pic and the organization that brought it up took a couple of us too! Not really a baseball person but we love all of our teams in New England! I just no longer watch but it was very cool to see all those flags…we wondered if they were real gold! Surrounded by security too! LOL first time I’ve ever seen a trophy from any major team up close. It was pretty cool for a not so cool day…hope I can get a car soon…


Those are beautiful. I know she was happy you thought of her. She will always think of you when she sees them. Very fine crocheting. I brought home a gold throw from my mother’s house. She knitted two kinds of panels then attached them. When I hold it, pure memories and comfort.


My mother and I would go there for our lunch. Everyone one knew my mom, she was an habitual sample tester. We bought a lot of that stuff too. Always tasted different at home.


Record and a Beer time!

Walked uptown found a few things including this record:

And a Spaten Optimator ‘dopplebock’.


I like that I bought them from someone who really needed some business. She makes her living off of it, and is disabled. It blows my mind how people request she make something very specific like a stuffed moose she made and she created the pattern herself. She’s a sweetie who got a raw deal but she’s trying and when I can help I do and if I can’t she understands disability pays nada…My nurse has taken care of me the last 13 years at this hospital so it had to be special…she’s an absolute doll…just hoping I get to continue after February…


Also got a nice nickel-plated #7 cast iron Griswold skillet for pretty cheap.
They didn’t make many nickel-plated ones I think…


I love crocheted blankets. I can do hats, but that’s my limit.


I love cast iron and cook in them regularly. I’ll have to get some pieces out. Some are my mom’s, some I bought. I feel healthier with all that iron. Fries up some mean chicken, too, although my trend lately is to roast everything. Put a whole meal in the oven, really is good. Have not fried in awhile!


I know you will be here. How do you feel after today?


home! and opened a fantastic box from @daveinwarshington.

thank you so much for the shirt, jacket, bag and painters tape, lol. and if there were ever a week where I needed a friend to buy me a beer, this is it. put it in the fridge and will drink it tonight or tomorrow. your package totally made my day!


Yeah… I over-bought that one at Costco.
It’s Mrs. D’s favorite beer.
Still a case to go I think…


No, nothing here. Have faith! They don’t have to be shipped until tomorrow…


I did too. The joy of giving is what makes it fun…as well as breaking the rules!


I bet she thinks you’re an absolute doll, too!



What rules? We had rules? Didn’t listen again! Oh well, it willl get out by deadline. I hope. Rules, always balked when that word came up.
A rebel without a cause in a manner of speaking.