green grotto, part IV



I do but the list is getting smaller and smaller. And for some reason, I got them done this year and instead of waiting till the 15th (that’s when my mother mailed them, so that’s when I mail them), I put them in the mailbox on the 2nd. Way too early.

I do, but I messed up the zip code on my order so had to contact snapfish and reorder them. would have liked to send them out this weekend, but they should arrive mon or tues.


oh no! must just be a cold and not the flu, but it sounds pretty awful. we did fill a lot of cough pills and cough syrup last week. I’m going to go take some vitamin C and an airborne. hope you feel better soon!


got this email today

of course I’m not eligible for crap until Sunday


cklun is off cruise #1 and on cruise #2

mr. cklun’s cousins picked them up in Ft. Lauderdale and drove them to Miami. they had cinnamon rolls and strawberry milkshakes

(I asked, this is Craig. he shattered his finger in a fall & had surgery yesterday)

and she bought this shot glass to remind her of tattoo guy


we had fun at the holiday hang

the new kill your idles release was a sour cranberry raspberry beer. delicious!!

I got the ruskie pierogi and mr. mbspell got kielbasa. also delicious!!

with mustard & sauerkraut on a pretzel roll


Soot is up to 4lbs



Re Christmas cards. The “Silent Generation” are dying off, they sent a lot of cards. The "Baby Boomers (waving hand) started out sending as many but as “Generation X” started not to send cards, the Boomers didn’t send to them. Now it seems none of the “Millennials” send cards which further reduces the number the Boomers send. I used to send over 70. Now I’m down to 20 or 30. And I only buy cards with self-adhesive envelopes!!!


I don’t send Christmas cards, but I design them every year for the bear organization I work for. This year was a little different, I turned a photo into an illustrative look via photoshop filters. I guess it was a hit. :slight_smile:

I am trying to catch up on posts, been so busy with the baby! Holy hell, there is a good reason you have kids when young and full of energy.


@wootybot roll 1d7


:game_die: 7


We’re playing d&d and the DM jokingly said roll d7 +1


No Christmas cards.
Haven’t sent cards in at least 10 yrs.
Slowly reduced it to family.
Then cut those out also…


Oh my Goodness.
I would eat that.
It looks so GOOD!



Got all the out of town packages wrapped today. Need a box from the basement to pack them in, then get to a post office before the lines are too long.


I used to send Christmas cards, always seeking the perfect card. I did this for years. Then I stopped. Do not get any either, except the annual form letter from my oldest cousin. I loved them. I have a quirk, it is hard for me to throw them away. Almost impossible.
It is best I stopped, being the procrastinator that I am. They would arrive after Christmas.
I found a gif of one I actually sent.



have a funny sunday greens!!


Hey Chev!!! Its snowing!!! A lot!!!


Yep! It started here about 9:30. It’s piling up!

We are still on the northern fringe, might not get very much. But it’s so pretty, I love to watch it snow!

Stay the hell home, make some hot chocolate, watch Christmas movies!