green grotto, part IV



Water does not sit in my dogyard. I don’t have that problem. I keep a layer of hay down where they play. My pug, Zoe stays in most of the time.
Allie would drive me crazy, she WANTS to stay outside.
I have never let her in the pool, it would be all over. She would jump in it no matter what. She gets in her tub no matter how cold. You need a lab, Mick!






I just came here to say, hi, how are ya?


Doing well. Could be better. Or worse.


Reasonable. And you?


I’m alive so I’ve got that going for me.


I’m good, had a nice lunch. Heading to a HH after work so all-in-all a nice Wednesday.


Yesterday a rainbow, today this bs.


It was snowing sideways for a little bit here. Has since stopped. Nothing on the ground. Just a preview of what’s to come this weekend.


That’s delightful. I miss HH. Darn kids getting in the way…


Hi Greens. Will be home Saturday!



Some photos probably not working.


Looking like you are having a great time! Thanks for sharing!


Chicken Shit.


Why yes, it is Chicken O’clock.
cluck cluck


That looks so clucking FUN!
I sure hope Dave sends me on a cruise someday!
Fermented grains and grasshoppers while relaxing on a big ship!
Woo Cluck Hoo!


I’m doing just ducky! …or is it roostery?

cluck cluck


Anybody here ever buy a Meh fukubukuro or, as they are calling it now, IRK (Instant Regret Kit)? I got one yesterday. But…in CA, so I only get to admire it from afar. :wink:


Yup. Mine arrived yesterday.
I think Poof got one? Maybe?

They are more scarce to find than a BOC it seems. Mine was OK, had usable stuff & crap. Was gonna post over there later. I really don’t talk about the ‘other’ site much here, as I spend much less time over there & have bought only a couple things there.