green grotto, part IV



Forecasting about 6-8 here, what’s coming your way?


Yeah, I figured. It was my first one there, just wasn’t sure how many people used both sites. :slight_smile: I am Dakini there. Would have probably been Dakini here if I knew I wouldn’t be able to change my name for forum chat. gah

Now I am stuck with my last married name. lol


I, too, never intended to use my name until I found out I couldn’t change it. I have another Woot account that isn’t my name but I’ve never used it.



Hi, I now have 7 major medical diagnoses. #blessed How are you?


Regretfully, I had one. It was so-so.


I spend more time over on lately, Mrs. Gibson.


Hello, have fun doing HH!

Psst… What’s HH? House hunters? Drugs? I don’t know.


Oh, but I think I buy more stuff here, Mrs. Gibson.


Can you fix any of them with booze or naps?


Funny you should ask…yes. More booze and you’ll nap more. That’ll be a $50 co-pay please.


Oh! I hope it’s drugs @manlapig!



Album & a Glass-O-Water.


I buy WAY more stuff over here, plus I have infected many of my friends with the Woot virus.


Car troubles for the last week.
That car has been a PIA for years now. An underpowered lemon. I could see (hear) that it was gonna have more driveline issues within this year.
It’s gone & replaced.
Whew. I’m about done fixing cars. I don’t even fit under cars anymore.
Last time I changed oil, my neck was cricked for 2 days. shit.


I might be going to The Wall tonight (
I’ll drink your beers for you.


I was going to ask, but I didn’t want to be the only one who didn’t know what HH is.

Heavy Hors d’oeuvres?

Holy Housework?

Heavenly Ham?

Happy Hair?


Squeee! So good of you to drop by.

THAT is one AWESOME room! Do you ever leave it? I’m not sure I would!


My time is probably spent equally between the two. I tend to buy more cheap, quirky stuff on men, stuff I didn’t know I needed or wanted.