green grotto, part IV




WHAT? Everyone knows what HH is!
Hungry Hippos!


Uhhh… Not yet.


Cool Have fun!
(I did have a beer at lunchtime at a seafood place)…


Hairy Hookers?
Harmonious Harmonicas?
Healthy Hammocks?
Handy Helicopters?


I’m gonna need to make payments on that. Roscoe did find a penny today though.


Yes I did… If by “chicken” you mean “cat” and “hug” you meant “he put his butt in my face” then yes I did that thing.


Yesterday was a double though… Averages out to one per day.


WHAT THE FUKU?!?! Did it post at midnight as usual? I totally missed it!


Here, wear this Dave so you’ll be inconspicuous

$8.74 over on sellout


I don’t think she meant it was up yesterday. It was a while ago and people are just beginning to receive them.


Welcome to my world James…



Mine likes to walk across my groin while I’m laying in bed or sleeping. She seems to know right where to go.


I’m guessing happy hour, which sounds fantastic to me.

short staffed in the pharmacy tonight, was tons of fun! (NOT)


My prescription drugs don’t look that pretty.
Boo for boring drugs! :grin:


as someone who looks at drugs for a living, most of them are really boring.


these are some of my favorites to count because they’re miami dolphin colored lol


Right. It was sold at the beginning of December, they shipped the week after Christmas.


Uh oh, attempt at funny fell flat!


The hard drive failed on my computer on Monday. I’m using a borrowed computer until mine is fixed.
I am sorry if I offended anybody. :worried: