green grotto, part IV



All I see is a symbol. Never seen that before so I don’t know what it means.


I just see a symbol, too.


It appears you are grabbing a link to your email directly. It is likely cached on your PC, that’s why you are seeing it, but we would not have access to items in your email box. I would recommend downloading it, and then dragging it over since the link you posted likely requires authentication.


Blame BSN


This is what I mean, this is the link that was posted.

It seems to reference a certain email box/message that we would not have access to.


Throwback Thursday!


Code Sleuth. I think you are correct. It’s pointing to a secure/unreachable location for the rest of us so it has the “broken link” symbol for us.


now I have a name for it


have I ever mentioned how much I love wolf pupy? this is one of his creations


snowing lightly here, shouldn’t add up to anything.

forecast for fri, sat and sun is only in the 20’s.

going to be a very cold pokemon community day :snowman:


less than a month until our vacation! woo hoo!

also husband got an email from Disney Vacation Club, there is a free (!!!) member night in the Magic Kingdom while we are there. members only from 9-12, with free “light refreshments.”


I would recommend downloading it, and then dragging it over since the link you posted likely requires authentication.
I have no idea how to do what you recommended.


I want to go out, but we’re supposed to get a bunch of snow dumped on us. It’s a tough one. I never get shiny Pokemon any other way, but the ones I do get are typically junk. I’m on the fence about it I guess.

Disney this time of year sounds great.


I finished the R. Kelly documentary. That man is a monster.


I keep hearing about how terrible it is, so I don’t think I’m going to watch.


It’s terrible that the women went through what they did, but it’s worth the watch. Yes he is an absolute monster. It’s explicit without going into any gory details.


I am seriously debating finding a place where I can drive around (people mention a particular cemetery) or maybe a mall. the worst was the community day we did in the rain & cold. hopefully we each get a couple shinies in an hour or so and can get out of the cold. if we get a community day snowstorm I might cry, lol.


K and I saw the Spiderverse movie

it was fantastic! best superhero movie I’ve seen in a long time. a lot of fun and so interesting with all the different animation styles. really great.


did you replace the car? or some part of it?

and how is mrs. d liking retirement?


Yeah… I got rid of the car. It was kinda gutless & I doubt if I’ll get a 4-banger anymore…
It’s been replaced…:blue_car:

Mrs. D LOVES LOVES LOVES retirement.
We just go uptown. No traffic. Restaurants have fast service. Getting more home projects done. YAY!