green grotto, part IV



I like driving a new car.
But all the damn electronics need figured out. So much fancy-schmancy shit.
Just tried the spiffy nav that displays from your cellphone to the car screen. Super-duper cool. I just spoke out the restaurant & city & it naved us there.
hmmm… is naved a word?


In the 5 yrs of retirement, I’ve been bored for maybe 3.42 hours.


It is now! I like it!


Ummm… yuk.
Where’s the beer.

No boozy milk please.


He has 0 hobbies Dave, I think he is gonna die. He doesn’t even watch much TV.


I saw we got two new stops at the park. I think if I wear enough clothes that I can’t put my arms down and find some strangers to huddle/penguin walk with I might go out.




That’s so cool. It has to make a LOT of difference. YAY!


Chev is right that it needs to be milky, but goat milk makes me think of my aunt’s goat milk fudge.

I need more edible glitter in my life.


Pepper, you got something shiny stuck between your teeth there…


My first retirement rule I made myself:
Zero TV from after morning news (maybe 7 or 8AM) until after my music & an album at 4 or 5pm.
Huge news events or zombie attacks can alter the timing there…
I didn’t want to get started on the whole damn TV thing.
I do listen to a little ‘Talk radio’ while I eat lunch, maybe 1/2 hr. Usually Michael Medved.




All glitter is edible.

Some is just indigestible…



Yeah, especially in cats, makes for a festive litterbox…


86?!?! glad your house will be warmer, but man, you will be patching and painting forever!


Speaking of shiny teeth, has anyone ever heard of tooth piercing? You can get a hole drilled in your tooth and put jewelry in it. I have spent thousands to fill holes, then lost the teeth anyway, now people are putting holes in their teeth???


I’ve never tried to paint over styrofoam ‘pucks’.
I hope it turns out OK for you!!


Or, since they’re in a line, use wallpaper border. Sure it might look weird, but um… Yeah nevermind.


They actually patched and sanded the holes flat…what I really have to do is dust, vac, and mop. There is a lot of dust. They tried to keep it down as much as they could, but its really hard to do. Plus my kitchen needs a new paint job anyway, so this is a good time to do it.