green grotto, part IV



Saw that. Thought it was stupid but at least they can fix it later. Those idiots with the tattoos on their eyeballs are the ones I think should be the first people on Mars.


Eyeballs kinda gross me out anyways, I dread when I have to get my cataracts done…they aren’t big enough yet.


You can’t fix stupid.


I don’t think that would look weird.


Yeah, it was kind of creepy, but it’s over quickly. Mind over matter.


Around the top would be ok, or maybe the lower could have a chair rail. But the room that had a double row of holes might be hard.

Edit : I guess it wasn’t a double row, it was the lower holes under the window.


Well first, I’ve had a wallpaper border before, and I got over it LOL! Second, these holes aren’t super straight, and third I would need border about 6 inches wide, and 2 of them…I think I will just touch up paint LOL


Lol wallpaper makes me dizzy but I like it when it’s done right.

You could always hang up 86 pictures of cats and chickens.


Then for sure my family would have me committed. LMAO!


Why not goat milk? Seemed it should be.


TT said she posted my picture.


And there it is.


Thank you.


That would probably be easier.


Friday is about here!
Get ready to DANCE!





I knew Mrs d would LOVELOVELOVE Retirement! Bored, shmorded! At 29 yeah, but now, no.


Retirement Dance!