green grotto, part IV



it is not a fun watch, but it brings to light some of the attitudes in the hip hop world, that folks can see now and start talking about it and hopefully bring some changes. I watched it for those reasons. they did a pretty good job. I hope it works.


oh my these dancing gifs…LOL

there is a green birthday today!!!


Image result for happy birthday poof gifs


Image result for happy birthday poof gifs


wishing you a really good birthday poof!!!






Under no circumstances should you buy 2 pair of fuzzy socks for 99 cents.
I gave Oogie a foot rub…


Next time try the $4 ones at the dollar general that are in the health and beauty section with the foot cream. I’ve had pretty good luck with those.

It’s not a good idea to buy socks from bubble gum machines.


She got plenty of good socks for xmas. She chose to wear these last night. They were an impulse buy at Jo-Ann’s. In a bin. By the entrance. Suckers!


Ooooh those are almost as bad as the baskets at rite aid by the checkouts. They have $1 tube tops.


I bet those hold up well


I’ve never seen anyone wear one. They’re all crinkly and bunched up. I thought they were some new fancy shamwow or something for cleaning.


And Edible Glitter is always optional.

No thank you, btw.


I don’t think they’re tube tops, I think they’re shirts (with short sleeves) but they come all crinkled up and look like a baby size. scary. I’m always amazed when people actually buy any of the clothing items (unless it’s like a tee or sweatshirt with the town name).



happy birthday poof!



happy friday birthday dance party!