green grotto, part IV








Immediately had that song stuck in my head…



Yup. The thing that makes me laugh the most is at back to school time when they think they’re going to sell sets of towels. I do buy a good bit of stuff there I know I can get someplace else, but it’s usually clearanced out to a normal price. Oh, and patio furniture. That’s pretty funny to see beside the adult diapers.

Maybe I’ll get a part time job there when I’m working at Lowes so I can set up their displays. A mannequin in a tube top chillin with a boost wearing a pair of foster grants. You know there will be an Uncle Si chia pet on that table beside a lean cuisine.


hahahaha like we have the budget for a mannequin!!!

but I’d totally shop there if you did the displays :laughing:
and don’t forget something from the “as seen on tv” section. maybe a non-stick frying pan, or a my pillow…


Even if they don’t have a mannequin they’ll have Halloween skeletons. Our mall is slow enough that I could probably walk out the door with one. It might even be me chillin at the table with the boost.

Oh that sweet bounty of BOGO as seen on TV stuff. All my tomatoes will grow upside down and my toilet will forever light up and change colors. How did we live without this stuff? (I don’t have any of that stuff)


I still get upset when I don’t get free Tap Lights with purchase…


Have a great Birthday Poof!!!









How are the baby kitties doing since they’ve had their “procedure”?

That’s what my mom calls it.


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