green grotto, part IV



Supposed to be 63 tomorrow afternoon. By late Friday it will be in the teens.


You go gurl!


Yeah! You enjoy that vacation and don’t worry about us. We’ll make sure Wooster wears his mittens.

Edit: trust us, there’s even a guide. What could go wrong?



We have not heard from our dear Mr. Whiskrs in a while…I has a worried.

Where you is, Mr. W???


You got it, Mar. So sorry to hear about his loss.


Hope he made it through his shift in one piece. Let us know how it went.


Why not? It’s vacation - THERE ARE NO RULES!


Playing The Byrds today…


My prayers for Ralph and family.


We haven’t heard from cklun lately either I think…

Post # 9000 I think?


Yup we are juuuuust fine ‘n dandy. Keeping warm & gettin’ exercise.



only in Florida can I buy a 22 oz squeeze bottle of blue hooch with dinner

dinner was at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ and it was delicious. fried chicken sandwich & cheddar drop biscuits

walked almost 5 miles today. about ready to collapse. but still got a little blue hooch left & I’m no quitter. although I’m pretty sure at this point I could not put mittens on a chicken :woman_shrugging:


Yum! Drink it all mbs!!

Sounds fun


Texted her a couple weeks ago. She’s still around, but tired.

Hey @cklun come and say hi once in a while.


sending strength thoughts for Ralph.

whether you get a wonderful or very good or just okay or a not such great mama… when your mom is gone. hurts like a a somma betch. I don’t know why… I think it is a hurt spot forever though.


you know it, and all I kept thinking of was amazon. lol



I hate mud. I have 2 big dogs. winter is suppose to be mud free.


I don’t think james lets him post anymore.

probably… jealous of his immense likability.