green grotto, part IV



he should be walking in the door any minute now. sounded good on the phone, all night.

we have a heated mattress pad, he said to get the bed ready for him to fall into… as soon as he walks thru the door. lol


this my 6th post I think.

so happy Thursday all!!!


hey @mtn3pitt I’m wearing the pokémon shirt you gave me for secret santa today. I’ll try to get a picture later. headed to magic kingdom today.

hope mr. mick isn’t too exhausted. I’m sure it’s going to be a big adjustment.



High of 68 today; high of 28 tomorrow. But checking into building an ark.


Hope you have that Gotcha and your phone charged up! That thing must be going nuts there!


@moles1138 We are here.


What could I put in my trash that would make the cleaning guy change the bag instead of pawing through it like a raccoon?

Gum, soup, tea bags, fruit, stink bugs, and spit don’t work. I’m thinking oil paint.


Glitter bomb


That might get my carpet swept too. Normally I’d do it myself but this person is special and would be offended if we imply he’s not doing a good job.

Although someone finally got fed up with the dirty toilet plunger case and wrote “clean me” in the dust. He turned it around so the writing faced the corner. Now we keep moving the dirty thing around hoping he’ll clean it.


Happy Thursday!
Only got down to 17 last night. A slight warm-up!
Supposed to snow on Friday night-Saturday. Maybe 4-5".
Mrs. d’s new washer/dryer to be delivered Saturday. May not happen.



currently using battery backup to recharge my phone. shiny spoink continues to elude me, but I caught a shiny ponyta this am!!




I am picturing Mb with a giant battery pack strapped on her back for her phone …to catch em all at Disney! Glad you got a shiny!


If April showers bring May flowers then February rain must bring



this shirt in the Germany pavilion made me think of you, dave




hahaha the battery pack is about the same size as the phone … but a backpack battery is a great idea!!!


:beer::beer: Like the beer shirt & love those steins! :beer::beer: BEER! :beer::beer:

Maybe this is Post # 9000?