green grotto, part IV



The Allman Brothers - Brothers & Sisters

and… still clearing out beer from the back of my beer-fridge.
Overcast ‘Espresso Stout’.
Hmmm… tastes like it has coffee in it…


I just want to thank all the people who get up in the morning feverish, coughing, nauseous, aching, whatever and manage to make it in to work where the healthy people are. Thanks a lot.

I better not catch any of the numerous bugs making their way around my office. I am swimming in hand sanitizer and screaming “get the hell away from me” on a regular basis. One guy has a full body rash - EW!


a full body rash and he’s at work??? ICK


Yes, a heaping helping of cat poop should do it. I’m sure you can get your hands on some nice fragrant chunks.


YES! I swear, it looks like measles! He saw a doc yesterday and they said “allergic reaction”. Saw a dermatologist today. He says it feels like his skin is on fire.


my awesome shirt (guy highfived me about it) & my moroccorita. like a margarita but with vodka. been out since 9:30 am, not feeling photogenic lol


ya, so if that happens STAY HOME stupid!!!


Chug that drink and get some sleep - you gotta hit it again tomorrow!


Ode to Winter


Changed albums…
Alan Parson’s Project.


Cold cold winter…




Dave you are aces with the tunes tonight!


wow!! an album of dave’s that I have & also enjoy?? that’s unusual lol


Cold cold winter…


Sounds like you’re going to be getting a lot more snow than you’re used to.


ya know, the docs told him he will never be same… weaker ect, ect, ect…… we are hoping he can prove them wrong…

of course his first week back they call for mandatory sunday…. his boss got him out of it.


a big sign… saying “please dump everything out of trash this can” !!


that is a great shirt!! very happy you and your mr. are having a good time. :slight_smile:


it was a long ass day…

ohh, @mtn3pitt I mailed your football hoodie today.


how can it be dancing Friday already??!!

this is all the dancing energy I got. lol