green grotto, part IV



Cleaning guy went berserk because someone keeps moving the toilet plunger and brush. I know it’s happening because it’s dirty (I didn’t start this battle but I know what’s going on). He was yelling at me about it. I kept asking him if he cleaned it. Was informed since it sits in the corner and goes in the toilet it doesn’t need cleaned. Mhmm hope he’s not putting the whole thing in the toilet because it’s the cover that’s filthy. He goes back into the women’s bathroom (without calling in or knocking). Dude is a mess.

It was reported back to me that the plunger cover sparkles now and the dirty brush is gone.

I’m gonna pee at rite aid.


Paying customers only. What you gonna buy?


Adult diapers duh. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was suggested I bring this to the attention of a “higher - up”. I’m not (unless something else happens) because it’s too petty. I still can’t believe this guy went absolutely nuts because someone moved a dirty toilet plunger. He goes nuts when someone leaves him a note too. So what are we supposed to do? I asked him if he cleaned it and was told it didn’t need cleaned. How do we communicate with this doofus?

He kept saying he was going to go to the higher - up because SOMEONE MOVED THE PLUNGER. Uh that guy doesn’t care and it’s not like he’s the principal and we’re afraid of him.

My boss was there during most of the incident. I asked him if I should just walk away. He thought about it and said yes. He’s also felt the wrath of this doofus because someone threw a plastic coffee stir in the regular trash and not the recycling bin. It wasn’t him, but he got the blame. First off you don’t put unmarked plastic in the recycling bin. Second its not the cleaning guy’s place to lecture people about recycling.

Also, he doesn’t like being called “the cleaning guy”. Doofus seems to be appropriate.

Sorry about the rant.


Then you won’t need to go to Rite Aid again. :+1:


They are saying maybe 4-6 inches. Seattle is freaking. World’s worse drivers + snow.
They are emptying stores of food… for maybe 6 inches of snow.
I dunno…
We get snow that’s 4 to 12 inches every few years.
I’ve always had a job that I had to go, especially in bad weather.
Retirement is NICE!


Start putting your soiled diapers in the trash. That will get his attention!


Tell him he is the “janitorial executive”. Or use even bigger words like cathartic or antisepsis technical expert…


I know if you add “big” in front of his name he gets mortally offended.

I think everyone here has a story about the doofus.

One of the guys asked if he needed help and he took offense at that. He’s constantly telling us things he shouldn’t. He told me the other day the girls in another department won’t speak to him. I think they’re winning.


Your turn to ignore him




That means your boss should do something about it. Completely inappropriate behavior for anyone, even a cleaning guy doofus custodian [insert PC word here].


Nah. General consensus is the doofus has a mental problem of some kind. So we tolerate him. I know my boss has my back, but he knows I’m capable of standing up for myself.

But yes. That’s what the real problem is. It’s totally inappropriate behavior. I really think whoever his supervisor is needs to be consulted. His services are contracted through another company.

He sweeps the salt of the steps before it warms up where we don’t need it. He traps people in conversations they want no part of. He constantly needs reassuring that he’s doing a good job. When asked to do a better job he flips out. I could write a book about how messed up this person is, but no one wants to read it.

I’m certain this won’t be the last incident.


Custodial Facilities Engineering Manager…


In my purely uneducated opinion, he seems to be autistic. I know there is a wide spectrum of what that covers.
I do have fb friends with autistic kids and some of the things they talk about I commend them for being able to deal with it.
And I know there are some parents in the woot! community too.




Hunker down, dave! Hope you got bread, milk, and toilet paper before the shelves were bare.

We’ve got 50 mph winds today, cold front coming in.

I’m getting ready to do my taxes. Woo Hoo.


Autistic is what some of us have guessed too.

He’s told several of us that in his past “women were mean” to him. He’s always claiming to be a “gentleman” and “would never hurt anyone”. But he tells other people he was physically abused. He has a problem with needing attention. The fit he threw this morning makes me think he could be a little violent. I’m wondering if he’ll be spiteful.

One morning I came in and he was sweeping the rug between the double doors. It’s winter. I’m one of the first people here. Why would he do that? He also waits and cleans the bathrooms when everyone first gets here. He changes the trash right before lunch time. He cleans before it really needs it. And we think it’s because he wants someone to see him doing it. And he “hides” to listen to conversations.