green grotto, part IV







I see you are attempting to lure cklun back into our fold…


@pepper114 so it’s very cold & the cleaning guy is scary. please tell me there are also positives to working there besides the awesome xmas decorating…


Taxes done - WOO HOO!

Unfortunately, the state of VA is not processing any returns yet, due to not being able to get their shit in one sock about the tax code. We are terminally messed up down here.



post lunch pre dinner snack

me: chocolate dipped churros
mr. mbspell: bacon & lobster mac n cheese in a bread cone

and we split a frozen raspberry lemonade with vodka

please don’t make me go home


I know, that guy would scare me. Don’t think I’d feel comfortable working in that environment. I tend to be a little on the paranoid side anyway.







stay warm & safe, dave!


just got a text from @trlenoir, they just got to Disney World for the weekend!


I guess it’s better than our service. One of my staff called hours ago that she spilled something on the carpet and we needed more stuff to clean it up. It’s now almost time to go and no one has come up.

I called down and the staff said that the evening crew who takes care of my office will be coming in shortly. So you guys are going to pay for the stain then?

Left a voicemail for their manager and will be following up. This isn’t the first issue we’ve had. What’s up with cleaning people?


so great to see them!! and Abs gave me a gorgeous pen she made for my bday. it’s green and I love it :green_heart:


We’re hunkered.


YAY GREENS! :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


It could be that the company he works for hires special needs people for their positions.